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so i’m back in Singapore after an amaazing break, australia was great. i got to see my cousins and stuff but mostly it was school tours. i got sick twice though which was kinda annoying.. my first day back at school was loveelyy and today was pretty good! 


view from plane :)

like i said^ ;)

my holidays were amazing basically me and my family went around jaipur looking at different i india projects that we have supported and met the kids which was really good, also one day we went camel riding which was really cool hahah but i got sick halfway through and way throwing up and had a fever of 40. i am sosoosososoooooo excited to go to australia tomorrow i cant waittt! but i am also kind of scared about the school interviews.. 


Took this in Turkey<3

So fucking pisssed at the moment, my friends turned out to be not-friends and everything feels like it’s falling apart. All I want to do is move back to Australia but that scares me as well, the thought of having nothing there. I don’t know.

me, i look stoned but oh well.

that was a picture i took of my cat, and i think it is prettyy cool. he’s not actually as scary as he looks here. (; soo year ten is going pretty well. nothing majoor has happened, but things have been good. i am sooo excited for the christmas holidayys!!! and i can start my advent calendar in a few dayss:] yeah i have to get ready for work experience tomorrow (i’m going to a preschool ;D) 

great. so i’m just told i have to make a decision about whether i want to move in a few months. i only have two options which is to stay in Singapore until the end of year 13 then wait 6 months then go to university in Australia or move at the end of this year or sooner so i can spend year 11 and 12 there. and i don’t know what i want to do. moving is a frightening prospect for me, seeing as i will have to make completely new friends, wear a strange uniform and basically just start my whole life over. all the subjects are different, i won’t be able to finish my GCSE’s, and yet i definitely do NOT want to stay in Singapore for another 3 and a half years, i hate it here.